The inspection for EV charger have been conducted successfully in Sunrise Technology

2019-08-09 2854

Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration carried out the “smart” inspection work of electric vehicle EV charger in Sunhope Co., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunrise Technology on September 10th 2020. The leaders of Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration and Hangzhou Quality Inspection Institute have visited SunhopePower and give their guidance on the inspection work.

Yang Guang, the CEO of Sunrise Group, accepted being interviewed by the media and showed his recognition on the inspection work. And he also stated that the company will continue to play its own technical advantages in the energy meter field and turn the traditional factory into a digital factory based on intelligent manufacturing. Combined with the internet-based and the loT-based innovative idea, Sunrise Technology will provide comprehensive solutions and quality products for both power providers and client users and improve profitability of the company as well in the near future.

Up to now, all EV chargers in Sunrise Smart Industrial Park have completed verification and obtained certificates, making it the first charging station to complete the compulsory verification of its EV charger in Hangzhou. 

Nowadays, Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration will carry out compulsory verification of electric vehicle EV charger in the whole city.  Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration combines with the reform of "All-in-one" service model and takes the lead in carrying out intelligent verification of electric vehicle EV charger in Zhejiang Province by drawing on the experience of intelligent verification for auto-refuel machine. This reformation ensures the One-Stop Service Model of verification can be fulfilled and enables more matters to be processed online as well, seeing that things requiring presence in person get done in one place and without the need for a second trip for citizens and enterprises. 


The verification of electric vehicle charging pile includes 6 items, such as appearance inspection, insulation resistance test, working error inspection, indication error inspection, payment error inspection and clock indication error inspection.

After passing the verification successfully, the consumers can scan the QR code on the device or use the " Metrological smart APP" wechat applet to get access to the charging pile record and verification information online, so as to ensure the information transparency.