The 20th anniversary celebration of SUNRISE TECHNOLOGY and the second staff fun games were successfully held

2019-08-09 3472

In April 2021, all the people of SUNRISE were filled with joy and celebrated the 20th birthday of SUNRISE TECHNOLOGY. All the people of SUNRISE grow up together, weal and woe together, writing the history of SUNRISE and achieving the future of SUNRISE. The company thanked customers and people from all walks of life for their love and support, thanked all employees for their hard work, and issued gratitude awards. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, the company held a series of activities, held the second employee fun games, held the 20th anniversary celebration and commendation meeting, and rewarded employees who have made great contributions to the company.




The fun games were held in the square of SUNRISE smart Industrial Park. Hong Jun, chairman of SUNRISE Group and Secretary of the general Party branch of SUNRISE TECHNOLOGY, delivered the opening speech. In the opening speech, President Hong expressed her gratitude to all SUNRISE employees, talked about the cultural construction of the enterprise, and expected that the full fighting spirit displayed in the Games would be transformed into an inexhaustible driving force to do their own work.




The athletes of each team wore uniforms of different colors and appeared separately. After the happy National Aerobics, the intense sports meeting competition began. Through the fierce competition, the three-phase meter workshop team won the championship!At the commendation meeting of the celebration, Mr. Ding Minhua, chairman of SUNRISE TECHNOLOGY, delivered a speech.He reviewed the development history and future vision of SUNRISE and expressed sincere thanks to all SUNRISE people! Finally,the leaders of the company presented awards to the pioneers of business and technology development in different development periods.





In the future, there is a long way to go, and opportunities and challenges coexist. All employees of SUNRISE will not forget their original intention, forge ahead, continue to work hard for the development of SUNRISE and strive for the realization of century SUNRISE!